Effortless Flow

Graded Pro automatically collects students' work from Google Classroom, utilizes AI grading to mark the work, and then returns to Classroom, all without manual intervention.

AI Grading

Our AI accurately evaluates and marks a broad spectrum of academic work, including Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, English, Computer Science and Art.


Supporting a wide range of educational standards, including the US Common Core and Advanced Placement, IB curriculum, UK GCSE and A levels, along with many other global academic frameworks.


Reduce the hours spent on grading with Graded Pro's automated AI grading, allowing teachers to dedicate more time to teaching and student engagement.

Customizable Feedback

Adjust feedback to reflect your teaching style with Graded Pro's rubrics and tags. Review and refine the AI grading before returning the work to students via Classroom.

Handwritten Submissions

Graded Pro grades text, handwriting, art, diagrams, and screenshots with advanced image recognition to analyze artistic elements and interpret math and science symbols.

Secure and Private

Prioritise the privacy and security of your students' work. Graded Pro implements robust security measures in compliance with GDPR and CCPA to safeguard all data.

Accepts all File Types

Graded Pro supports all standard file types, including Google Docs, MS Docx, PDF, TXT, and image files such as JPG and PNG.

AI Marking / AI Grading.
Compatible with all curriculums including US, UK, Australian, NZ and IB frameworks.



Graded Pro pulls students work from Google Classroom, uses AI grading to mark the work and returns to the student.
Grades any subject including Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Art. Hand-writing handled with ease and images read with precision.
Reads MS Docx, Google Docs, Text files, PDF's, JPG and PNG image files.

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The number of credits needed to mark each student's work varies based on the volume of text and images uploaded, as well as the complexity of the feedback provided. To handle the weekly grading for 125 students (eg 5 classes of 25 students each), you would need about 1,500 credits per month.
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Ethan Walsh

  History Teacher

Graded Pro has completely transformed my grading workflow. The seamless integration with Google Classroom and the AI grading have saved me countless hours. I can now focus more on interactive lessons and less on the daunting task of marking. It’s a game-changer for educators!

Donna Clarke

Mathematics Teacher

I was initially skeptical about the accuracy of automated AI grading, but Graded Pro has proven me wrong. The consistency and detail in feedback have improved my students' understanding and performance. This tool has become an indispensable part of my teaching toolkit.

Kavita Sharma

Online Tutor

Adopting Graded Pro for my online courses was the best decision I made. The platform's ability to provide immediate, personalised feedback to students is remarkable. Plus, the analytics help me tailor my course content to better meet my students' needs. Highly recommend!